Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Organizing my 9 year olds room

One of my first projects of this new year was to tackle my 9 year olds room.
I started it before Christmas, but then he got more "stuff" to add to his room!
As he gets older the question is what to keep and what to get rid of?
I find it best to start any organizing project when he is at school, if he forgot he had it, then he won't miss it when it's gone! If it's broken or missing pieces it goes! If I have not seen in laying in the floor for the last year then it goes! Four trash bags and two donation boxes, and a couple of hours, it's done.
Now onto the Organizing;
I started with buying some Better Homes and Gardens Cube Storage units from Walmart. These are easy to assemble, inexpensive, and come in several configurations. If you order enough of them, shipping is free, so I didn't have to go to the store to get them! I also ordered a desk version too, so everything matched.
The colorful storage boxes came from Shopko and Family Dollar. I mixed and matched the size and color of boxes depending on what I was trying to hide in them😀

In the above photo, I used 4 units, two "3" cubes and two "4" cubes, in the Expresso color.
The walls were green when we bought the house, and goes well enough with the blues and grays of the Star Wars bedding!

The space battle behind the bed was really fun for me to put up as I am kind of a SyFy nerd!
I used an empty tote as a nightstand... 
1.  it fit under the outlet 
2.  makes for a good charging station for the iPad, Beats, and iphone 
3.  Extra storage for new "stuff"
Our cat Gracie, loves the soft blanket found at Sam's Club.
The cube storage desk is also made by Better Homes and Gardens, but I have only seen it on and it fit perfectly! The TV is mounted up high so there was still plenty of room to use the desk. The 55inch 4K TV is perfect for gaming on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It's also a smart TV for streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime.
I even hooked the laptop up to the TV too, pretty high tech room for a nine year old.
Lastly I used one more cubed storage unit next to the desk for game and accessory storage.
My favorite find... the medal and trophy shelf, found it on Amazon. 
My kids swim and they love displaying their accomplishments!
Closets are the biggest "missed" storage opportunity! So I use Rubbermaid closet systems in every closet!
 To make sure I can use every bit of space I replace the doors with curtains. I am also not a fan of dressers, I build the closet to fit the dressers inside.

 This project it done!! I wonder how long he can keep it this organized....


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