Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Brighten up a Hallway!

 Making a hallway be a bright place is hard to do!
Using bright white paint on the doors and trim and a hint of "Aqua" on the walls this hallway is much brighter!
The floors are an easy to clean and pet friendly Pergo Max.
Since there was just open shelves, I decided that a floor to ceiling curtain would hide all the stuff I wanted to put on the shelves. Just in case I forget to put the curtain back, the Gray made a nice accent color.
Just for fun I added a Peacock photo I got at Kirklands a few years ago. The whole frame used to be brown so I sponged the turquoise paint on the outer frame to give it a freash new look!
To make the hallway even brighter, I changed the light bulbs to a Daylight LED!


  1. I would not cover the beautiful shelves with a curtain. They add an architectural interest to the corner besides being functional. Nothing like form following function. Leticia

    1. I agree that's why I painted them an accent color! But I had a bunch of stuff to put on them and the "stuff" is not pretty good o look at! The "stuff" includes the boys swimming, two suit cases, acooler, some lunchboxes, and on the bottom is where I hid my step stool and rolling laundry cart. Lol!