Friday, June 5, 2015

Tennis Sets or Hostess Sets

“Tennis Set” is also called a “Hostess Set”
Tennis Set – While I have found nothing specifically written as to the origin of the name “Tennis Set”.
A small version of a plate with a holder for a teacup was made for having tea “outside”, such as, by the polo field or a tennis court.
Afternoon tea was served commonly served at Wimbledon and the smaller plate that would hold a cup was very popular to use as they could be held in one hand when outside.
There was not a formal table setting, at places such as Wimbledon for outdoor Afternoon Teas, hence the name “ Tennis Set”.
So the name has come from the association of where these sets were most commonly used.
In the Royal Albert Catalogs from the 1970s and 1980s the “Tennis Set” is called a “Hostess Set”
The “Snack Plate Set” or “TV Snack Set” is a larger round plate (luncheon or dinner plate size) has a spot for a cup, and were used for informal “indoor” occasions.

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“Snack Plate Set” or “TV Snack Set”