Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dainty Blue

Dainty Blue
EST After 1966 through the 1970s with the Royal Albert Name, but this pattern was originally released under the Shelley China name in the 1950s, this is one of the few examples of Royal Albert actually keeping the original a name given by another manufacture. That might have been du to the fact that this was a very popular selling Shelley pattern.
The set in this photo is called a “Round TV set ” set in the Royal Albert Catalogs I have, but I have seen this set commonly referred to as a “Snack Set”
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dream Cottages "Winter"

Dream Cottages "Winter"
Original artwork by Peter Riverford in 1983
Series of Four: Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Archive Collectable Teas

Archive Collectable Teas
2006 to 2008
What a delight: Archive Collectable Teas are inspired by a pattern book dating back to June 1959. Floral designs such as these enjoyed quite a comeback after the austerity of post war Britain.

Today, the colours have been softened and adapted to suit the modern lifestyle, while the tones have kept in line with the original design, all on the classic 50s Hampton shape.

Designer Alison Beller by commented, "I interpreted each print in a subtle way to create a pretty background and linked it with a pastel shade to form four feminine designs." She added, "I was also delighted to find some very sweet floral sprays of roses, violets, and other country garden flowers and I scaled these down to provide decoration inside the cups and mugs."

The result? Four classics - Parchment, Rose, Lavender, and Apple - each tantalizingly combines Royal Albert's rich heritage with a graceful modern approach. They all come complete with gold mica trim and handle, foot and top edge, as in the original design.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012



1969 to 2001
Beautiful White, Red, and Pink Rose Bouquet
on a bight white bone china
with a brushed gold trim.

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