Sunday, January 8, 2017

Conner's Bedroom

How to make a 13 year old boys room fun and functional, in a small room!The closet... Everything had to fit in it, all of his clothes, hanging and drawer space. Plus storage for all the stuff he wanted to keep, but not display. I ordered a large custom closet system, by Rubbermaid from Wayfair. Even though this system is designed with no cutting and has fit in every other closet I put it in, not this closet! This house, the closet is its own size! So I had to get four custom cut ClosetMaid shelves! Yes you can mix and match! Its got two sets of drawers and hanging space, plus lots of storage!

Now on to the entertainment center!! The focal point in this room!
My son explained to me that TVs had to be on the same wall with the Xboxes. 2 TVs an Xbox one and Xbox 360...How do I fit it all on this thin wall between the door and closet?
So I used the left over pieces from the custom closet system, I was able to fit four shelves and I only had to mount one TV. The wire shelves were perfect for all the wires, I can even zip tie them to the shelves so nothing moves.
For more storage I bought 2 Better Homes and Gardens 4 cubed storage shelves from Walmart. I really like the weathered brown color, breaks up the all the black and gray. The storage boxes came from Shopko and they hold lots of skateboard parts. I mixed reds and browns and different sizes. 
On either side of the 54" tall window, I made "Me" sections, one for his awards and one his art work. The award shelf is from Amazon and was great for medals, ribbons, and trophies. But was not easy to hang up, I had to actually drill holes in the shelf as it came with out any mounting hardware.

 The prize display for his room is the skateboard shelf... My thought was "How do I keep all of the skateboards off the floor?". I found this shelf on Amazon too!
He has a shelf made from 2 skateboards in the closet, but it has a weird bracket... I will hopefully figure out how to hang it up...That will be a subject for another post!
Then my son has this "can" collection. I guess it's a boy thing, but he wanted it displayed! I painted a old shelf I got years ago at a yard sale!
His bed is really a futon sofa, but he likes it flat, with lot of cozy blankets which our cat decided she would try out! 
I am hoping this room gets him through high school! My son is lucky to have his own personal interior decorator... Mom.

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